A Rhetorical Analysis Of Informative Essay By Rachel Carson

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“Can anyone believe it is possible to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?” (Carson, 1962) Rachel Carson’s argumentative essay is written to enlighten humanity on the atrocities being bestowed upon the earth’s microscopic worlds and biological systems via the invasions of harmful mutating chemicals that will potentially affect future generations and their health. Carson proposes insecticides initially made to function as bug repellants and aid in protecting valuable crops have become victim to Darwin’s principles. Insects accel at adapting genetically and Carson feared that insects like mosquitos, among others types, may surpass us in their superior ability to overcome genetic…show more content…
Carson presents the problem nicely in the opening paragraph and states her claim as a practical approach to stop or decrease the amount of the spraying of DDT pesticides in combined efforts to stop the super races of insects like mosquitoes for example from becoming immune. Including this support for her thesis Carson argues mosquitoes becoming immune to the man-made vaccines presently available would inarguably have serious, detrimental and adverse negative impacts upon the effectiveness of the survival of our own species by rendering the adverse effects of malaria vaccines available as one negative impact resulting from spraying of DDT. Carson refers to mosquitoes in chapter 2 of her book as “unwanted species” and explains how “future historians” are presented with certain challenges. Some of these challenges will be caused from the inability of mankind to logically think on a wide scale level about the effects of using mass produced pesticides on our environment. Carson suggests genetic level tampering of the codes of insects could render us homo sapiens very susceptible to certain types of unwanted diseases. Carson writes: Future historians may well be amazed by our distorted sense of proportion. How could intelligent…show more content…
2). ” Carson establishes a neutral ground with the opposition upon the concluding paragraphs of her essay explaining that she was not arguing the need for insect control. Carson tests the values of her paper when she warrants the arguer writing (Carson 1962, cha. 2). “Control must be geared to realities, not to mythical situations, and that the methods employed must be such that they do not destroy us along with the insects (Carson 1962 cha. 2)”. This is a great effort on Carson’s part and portrayed a positive image that represented a logical valid controversial issue asking for a logical solution. In my opinion Rachel Carson wrote a very wonderful and balanced essay that was easy to read, appealed to everyone such as men, patient readers, humans, and women as well that may have been interested. “The Obligation of Endurance” was a very influential piece and the world would be very different today without this

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