Rheumatoid Arthritis In Children

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The educational system is no longer a one size fits all. Each day there are many challenges to meet and each child has needs that have to be met by the educators that serve them. Some children have health issues that need special accommodations to make sure they receive a free appropriate public education. The children may have Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal disorders that affect their learning abilities and they need a fair chance in learning just as all of the other children that do not have any disorders. Introduction This brief essay will include information about Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a disorder that affects children and may cause difficulties in the academic journey. This essay will discuss the cause, symptoms, treatment…show more content…
The immune system attacks the healthy tissues and cells and causes the inflammation in the joints. It may affect the hands and other body parts and could also make the body look distorted. It makes movement difficult at times because it causes swelling and stiffness in the hands or whatever parts of the body that it affects due to rheumatoid nodules (lumps). It is called JRA because it affects children that are the age of sixteen or younger. It is possible for children to outgrow JRA but the condition can have a great impact on the way the bones develop in a growing child. The cause of JRA is unknown. JRA is very hard to diagnose because the early stages are hard to…show more content…
Assistive technology (keyboards/computers) can also be used to help students that have trouble writing, this can help ease the pain of having to grip pencils. The responsibilities for teachers that may encounter the students with these conditions, is to first learn as much as possible about the student and their conditions. Talk with the parents and create a good partnership where communication channels are always open, so if any changes occur, the parents will know that they can confide in them. Talk with the therapists that will be involved with the students. This may be a physical therapist or an occupational therapist, they will make sure the students receive the proper adaptive equipment needed. Teachers need to be concerned about the care of their students and make it possible to receive any special training that may be needed. Teachers need to know how the student will arrive and depart from school to understand whether or not they may need special transportation and most importantly, teachers need to provide emotional support as much as possible. These responsibilities are almost the same ones that any typical teacher would follow to ensure the safety of every child in their

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