Positive Impacts Of Cartoons On Children

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Introduction Children are sometimes considered to be the closest reflection of the creature of the world.i innocent and purity illustrate that they are acceptable by the corrupt thoughts and practices. They resemble with the wet clay, enthusiastic and ever ready to be shaped in every manner you want to mould them. TV shows and animated films have been entertaining the kids for over 80 years. Cartoon Network the most favorite channel in the world. CN started its transmission in 1992, and has gained record breaking popularity. Since august 2002, it has been watched in more than 80 million homes in United States and in 145 countries throughout the world. It is the most famous and supported channel for cable television network. Cartoon Network is the 24/7 channel and broadcasting only “Cartoons” .There is a wide range of cartoons from fairy tale like “Beauty and the Beast” to action cartoons like “Ben Ten” and “Pokémon”. Kids of age group from 6- 11 are the craziest…show more content…
It also has a strong affect on their language and the way of their dressing and eating. . These ways has both positive and negative impact on children Positive Effects: Cartoons are great source of fun and entertainment for children. Children are fond of cartoons as because of many reasons. As they found human in cartoon form with cute or weird shape and dress with colorful attire. Child at 3 to 9 years age usually starts to watch cartoons. But At this age kids have growing mind and with curiosity and fast learning capability by observing things. And that’s why cartoons directly make an impact on their minds and nature as well. Better to lead children to watch cartoon having positive effect. And here we shared some positive effect of cartoons on children’s mind.  Helpful in exploring and observing  Making kids an active and genius  Helpful in maintaining good

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