Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Study Economics

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Ever since I was young, I have known that I want to study economics. That was partially motivated by a curiosity to comprehend the status quo. Moreover, as a citizen of a least developed country, I had witnessed the many disasters that my people have endured as a result of extreme poverty, growing income inequalities, and inefficient utilization of resources that have existed for many years. These factors initiated the thought to consider Social Science class when I had an opportunity to choose my stream of study in high school. Then I took mathematics and introductory economics courses, which convinced me to pursue this direction further and stronger in order to obtain a rigorous training that allows a deeper understanding of economics. In…show more content…
For me, the reward of such a position far o sets the compensation that would be available in other professions. I believe a university or a research organization is the right place for me to realize my long-lived ambition of becoming someone who can contribute a bit to the betterment of my surrounding, and the world at large. In addition to this bene t, my past experience in research and the satisfaction I had derived from part-time tutoring while I was at undergraduate school has convinced me that I would enjoy a career in academia in the future too. In order to achieve these personal ambitions and career aspirations, it is obvious that I needed to be supported by rigorous Ph.D. study in best universities of the world. I strongly believe that the Western Michigan University, as an academic and cultural institution will allow me to live up to my potential and to reach my goals. The information on your official website and my personal research convinced me that your institution is the perfect fit for me. First, the Ph.D. program components such as the course requirement, workshops, the internship and the dissertation are highly relevant for me. Second, the program is full of prolific professors who can supervise students with a wide range of research interests including microeconometrics and labor economics. Third, the study program will also give me the honor of studying in an international academic environment where I will have the opportunity

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