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A disease is an abnormal condition of humans, plants, and animals organs or general health. Disease affects the function of the body and mind in many ways. A good example of diseases is skin diseases.1 In this essay, one shall define what skin disease is, give examples of skin diseases including vitiligo and chickenpox, and finally, discuss the new discoveries in the field of skin disease. There is an essential part of the human body that prevents microbes from entering inside the body, that being the skin. Skin is known as the first line of defense and the longest part of human body with a total area of 6.1 square meters.2 Due to skin's size and exposed nature, it is the first defense mechanism of the body, but it could be the first…show more content…
Vitiligo inflicts patients’ skin with whitish patches loss in pigments of skin, usually with no obvious pre-indication.6 Firstly, Doctors first approach to patients who have the aforementioned condition is to determine and differentiate one of two types of Vitiligo.7 The first is segmental Vitiligo which usually begins when someone is young, and it affects only one part of the body.7 The second type is non-segmental Vitiligo, and the most common, affects numerous parts of the body such as the face, the arms, and even the legs.7 Secondly, Vitiligo has many factors that increase the likelihood of its occurrence, however, some of them rarely happen.8 For instance, too much exposure to the sunlight, nutrition, and sometimes psychological distress may cause vitiligo.8 In 1924, geneticists have discovered that colored cells of Vitiligo have the ability to carry the genetic information from one generation to another.9 Finally, there are some methods of treatment of Vitiligo, but it cannot eliminate it permanently.10 Consequently, they only can mitigate Vitiligo.10 For example, some medications like Trimethylpsoralen and Trisoralen are painkillers for…show more content…
In 1995, there were about 120,625 cases only in USA and in UK 1,290 PER 100000 people would get it (1). According to Merriam Webster dictionary, chickenpox is a disease that usually targets children and that causes a fever and red spots on the skin(2). This is a really good definition, but it is too simple for such disease, so this essay will be talking about the complexity of chickenpox definition from three different perspectives which are epidemiology, the study of how diseases spread and can be controlled, gynecology, the scientific study of the reproductive system of women, and pediatrics, any study that is related to medical care of children. Firstly, since the previous definition was too simple, we need a more complex definition, a definition that gives more information about chickenpox. The CDC, Center of Disease Control and Prevention, defines chickenpox as a very infectious illness that is caused by the Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV), and is more common and dangerous among little kids than adults. As mentioned previously, the disease is contagious, can move from one person to another, and spreads in more than one way. Some of these ways are through air, by touching, and by breathing in the virus that originates in the blisters. Thankfully, there is a vaccine, a medical substance that protects from a certain disease (3).

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