Essay On The Digital World

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In this reason report. I will examine how much has the digital world contributed to the society. I will analyze the causes and consequences of the digital world, evaluating different perspectives on this issue. Finally, I will propose a course of action and reflect upon my own perspectives. I think every developing countries need the digital, because the digital is one the most important things in this world. We can see the development countries’ digital are very flourishing, so t he digital in the developing countries are also one of the part to let them become the development countries. For example, China in the biggest developing country in this world. I think today the digital is also one of the part in China. Today, In China, Chinese…show more content…
When it comes to the world, human beings have the production of writing conditions, which have promoted the extensive communication of people's culture, art, language, science and technology, economy and so on. The invention, promoting the development of navigation and trade, was completed. So, the human understanding of the earth; improve the food, solve the food problem of the world s population; help us on the moon, Mars, roaming in space; for we have invented the telephone, computer and so on, these things make our life more convenient, such as telephone: two people can be separated by by telephone. Transmission number can communicate with each other, this is the phone brings about the miracle. The invention of the telephone people have invented the computer. Through the network search to find their own information, and by far Friends, friends, text and video conversations. You can also send E-mail to your partner for a few seconds, so that you can save paper and receive quickly. The digital world not only improves our living standard, but also improves our quality of
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