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“We live in a digital world”. This expression is not a simple as it seems to be. Let at first know about what is actually meant by digital world? Digital world means inter connected through digital devices, media or socializing through there digital devices all the time with the help of internet. Positively, it is the world full of ideas, opinions, learning and opportunities but negatively, it marks a great impact on our daily lives. In the late twentieth century the digital revolution began. The digital computers emerged with the discovery and creation of new information for the use of human beings in their activities. In history, digital work brought the statistical analysis of political, social, and economic processes, the computers digitized numbers and sorted them. Then electronic text, hypertext, and the e-mail came into existence in the 1980, the computers digitized texts and linked them. Then came the internet in the 1990s, when computers digitized images and manipulated visual data. Later on, internet explored the worldwide connections that enabled its users…show more content…
has been discussed so far. Countless ways of technology have been developed since twentieth century which has affected the lives of people. As it is discussed above that globally some important and revolutionary developments have been brought which have made the lives of human beings easier or bit difficult as well. Mobile phones are major development which has connected the people all around the world. Communication was never that much easy as it has become with the creation of mobile phones but mobile phones has its negative effects as well as the lives of people especially children whose studies, eyesight, physical capabilities have been disturbed due to this small device. Likewise, other global inventions have been discussed including solar panels, 3D printers and fiber optic cable which has given a new design to the life style of
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