Argumentative Essay About Death

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Death It is really very hard to come to terms with something like death, but as all of us know, in life we would not be able to exist without having death. If only death does not exist that we will not have the chance to be born as the planet will be populated with other organisms well before the appearance of humans. Many cultural believe that death is a very painful experience of losing someone that is close and loved. However, despite the pain, death is a fact and it minimizes overall suffering for example a badly injured, ill and old (Walton, 2009). The write believes that death is not something that can be easily accepted, as she herself had experiences losing her love ones and it was truly very painful experience. However, denial of death would permit us to temporarily avoid fear and other unwanted feelings connected with it. Nevertheless there are some good reasons to accept death. Death is a part of life cycle and denying it means denying life as it is. Having the awareness of death enables us to perceive life as a whole. Facing…show more content…
Death does remind us that the time to accomplish our mission is not unlimited and assists us to set priorities. Dealing with fear of death may help with anxieties and fears relating to death. It also allows us to live in the present, focusing on here, today and now. Since we are alive now we cannot be dead now, we can only die in the future. The future doesn’t exist yet so focus on the present moment that we can minimize anxiety. A person who believes that life has a reason seem to be more resilient to death anxiety and gives them the meaning of life. This is probably because they see themselves as a part of something greater. Research had proven that people who are stratified with their lives copes better with death anxiety; in other terms the happier you are the less fear you have for death (Searight & Gafford,

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