The Rich Are Different From Me Krugman Analysis

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The primary purpose of both of Paul Krugman’s We Are the 99.9% is expressive in order for the writer to express his feelings on the hypocrisy in the conservative agenda and to further show that trickle-down economics is a sham created by the “wheelers and dealers” to keep the elite elite and the 99% exactly where they are. The primary purpose of Chrystia Freeman’s The Rich are Different From You and Me is referential, in that its main goal is to inform the reader about how the rich got that way and what they are doing with their vast wealth. Both essays are designed in order to force thought on the part of the reader as to what percentage they fall under, more than likely the 99%, and to provoke a response in order to hopefully promote change in the hearts and minds of all that read in order for…show more content…
Classification is used as he classifies the classes and breaks down the differences among them. Description is obvious as he describes the classes and the barriers set up between them. While in Freeman’s, compare and contrast is the first one that sticks out due to the fact that she compares the differences between the rich and the middle class, not just in the United States, but all over the world. Evaluation, she uses her vast knowledge on the topic to evaluate the standard of living for the very wealthy as opposed to the middle class. Description is also clearly present as she describes the difference in lifestyle between classes. Both use their vast book smarts, as well as experience in the field to discuss the topic of the national economic standing as it pertains to the individual, rather than as a whole of a nation, and they both use their heightened linguistic skills to portray their beliefs and facts in a way that makes it attainable to anybody willing to read and

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