Essay On Thanksgiving

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If you're an old hand at hosting holiday dinners, you probably have a system you've fine tuned over the years. However, if this is the first Thanksgiving celebration you will captain, it can seem pretty daunting. As with most big jobs, the key to mastering it is to deconstruct the process into manageable steps instead of diving in haphazardly. By preparing a working plan and schedule ahead of the event, you'll come across as a seasoned pro when the big day arrives. INVITES THe first step in planning your holiday event is to take care of the invitations. Invite only those you know or believe will get on well with everyone. Don't delude yourself into believing feuding friends or relatives will somehow be overcome with some huge Epiphany and fall into each others arms weeping. If they can't stand each other, it's likely the animosity will carry over into the celebration and could ruin or dampen the event for everyone else. This is also the time to check with your guests…show more content…
This is the time when proven winners are best. Save the risky repartee for less important meals. Don't overdo desserts and appetizers. It's seldom necessary to prepare more than three different pies. This will give your guests choices without overwhelming them. As for appetizers, consider their purpose. They're supposed to stimulate the appetite for the big meal, not limit their capacity to consume it. Make just enough to whet the appetite, and don't overstuff the nibblers. Do as much as possible before the event. Set the table the night before, prepare and refrigerate salads and casseroles, which can easily be reheated the next day. If you're dinner is informal, you might want to consider cooking the turkey the day before then storing it a crock pot raised up with tin foil. This will allow easy separation of the fat and juices for your gravy, and you can even pre-carve it easier
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