Narrative Essay About Thanksgiving

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Each year, Thanksgiving is a major holiday that my family celebrates. We have several different traditions that we have managed to carry out year after year However, many of the traditions that my family carries out have been altered over the years due to my own personal perception of the holiday. My perceptions are classified by when I was a small child, an early teen, and young adult. When I was a young child ranging from five to eight years old, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays. For starters, it was the first long break of the school year. To me, this meant being able to spend an entire week with my parents and my siblings. When Thanksgiving Day came, we followed a pretty set schedule. Mom always woke up first to start the…show more content…
It was easier for me to realize when I am considered “useless” or when I was annoying someone. This new mindset completely changed my entire view of Thanksgiving. I was finally old enough to help. Like every other Thanksgiving, Mom woke up first to start the ham and make scrumptious sausage balls. However, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade became a little less interesting. Since we had all gotten older, many of the floats had been replaced with new cartoon characters. Because I didn’t watch much of the parade, I always tried to help in the kitchen. The most I was asked to do was make sweet tea and peel the boiled eggs. Once I finished my small tasks, I would look for more. However, my older sisters would quickly tell me to go away. Like other Thanksgivings, we had the typical ham, green beans, baked macaroni and cheese, yams, and deviled eggs. However, we began to add to our menu. Although we added to the menu, I still wasn’t allowed to help much. I lost interest for Thanksgiving during these years because I always felt like I couldn’t offer any help to my family when it came to the meal. Unlike the years before, we didn’t go visit family anymore. Thanksgiving was very glum during this

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