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Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday spent with family and friends to appreciate the blessings of life. This upcoming Thanksgiving is being held November 26th. The day after is the beginning of the largest shopping season of the whole year, retail stores have promotional sales and open their stores very early, this day is known as Black Friday. Retail stores now want to push Black Friday back to Thanksgiving to increase time of sales and profit. The United States Federal Government should enable an act that stops this because of varies reasons; the Thanksgiving tradition of being with family and friends to appreciate blessings would be in jeopardy, workers won't be able to be with families and they will have to deal with the impatient customers, as is customers line up on in the early hours of the morning to be among the first customers inside the stores and grab the best merchandise. The huge amount of people inside stores and rushing towards their wants would be chaotic and cause violence. ,…show more content…
The Pilgrims had this meal in 1621 to celebrate their thankfulness of having food and surviving through the difficult times. Thanksgiving has been celebrated ever since not only in homes but in schools, work places, or anywhere where people congregate and feel comfortable with others and give thanks for the blessings of life. Pushing Black Friday to Thanksgiving would put this celebration in jeopardy, instead of being with their families and being thankful, workers will be attending the impatient customers. The promotional sales would also tempt individuals to go buy merchandise because of the low prices. Workers should not be working, they should be with their families as well as shoppers. Black Friday on Thanksgiving would jeopardize this American holiday

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