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Turkey Photo Source Pixabay CCO Public Domain Many people, especially children, think much about Thanksgiving. Yes, children enjoy getting those extra days off from school. Most of us enjoy the nice feast that goes along with Thanksgiving, as well. But if you really think about it, Thanksgiving has all but become the forgotten holiday. Centered in between the festive holidays of Halloween (all of that yummy candy) and Christmas (all of the presents), why would children think much about Thanksgiving? Before Thanksgiving is even here, the rush for Christmas has all ready begun. Every year Christmas seems to become more and more complicated. Stores begin showing their displays long before Halloween. Some people even begin decorating before…show more content…
Do you still have the traditional big family dinner with all the aunts, uncles and cousins? Many families have stopped doing the traditional big thing. Many families are scattered throughout the country. Some families are just too busy to make time for the Thanksgiving holiday when they have to do all again in a month, when Christmas arrives. Yet, when you watch some of the movies and even the television shows, you see families, American families, having big dinners, having big fights and then making up as the play outside in the leaves or taking part in a hearty family game of football. Those shows portray the perfect Thanksgiving. Maybe you can't actually give your child that Thanksgiving. Maybe you don't have enough family members to do it. But you should come up with something to make the day a memorable one for your family, no matter how small it is. Have your children help prepare the food. Set a nice table. If you are worried about broken china, buy some nice festive, yet inexpensive, plates and bowls with fall scenes on them at your local dollar store. Children love color. If you have time, have your kids help make a centerpiece the night the before the big day. Take pictures for your scrap book. Mostly, just spend time together and enjoy the

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