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David Cho Orange Class Definition Essay 11/18/14 Ambition A strong desire to do or achieve something, requiring determination and hard work. When most people hear the word “ambition” they think of a something good. Ambition focuses on the future and what you want to achieve in the future. So you’re saying that something is wrong where you are. Ambition is hard work and determination and it will probably will get you to your destination. Ambition is good when your goal is to do good for others and yourself. As long as you know the difference between the wrong and the right. Ambition becomes bad when they get carried away and crush everyone around them just to achieve their goal. They forget their limits and who they value in life. When they…show more content…
They forget to appreciate the people around them and let money and power take over them. Sarah Palin’s actual governing career ended because of her ambition for a bigger paycheck. Ambition takes away our focus away from that. It makes us believe that selfish living involves nothing but fame and money which will bring success and happiness. Which is obviously wrong, success and happiness is not money and fame. You may be able to buy comfort and confidence, one needs a lot more than money and high living to live a successful life or balanced life. Many successful people had the ambition to help the people around them and others. Like businessmen they see business as a game that they play, it’s fun and most are good at it. They makes friends and they are being themselves. Most are not trying to prove something. Their not driven to become rich or become famous. Maybe they want to buy an expensive car, but that’s just to enjoy life. Buying an expensive car should not be a primary goal. It’s not like when they die they are going to cry and regret not the buying the expensive car they wanted, who cares. It is important to be ambitious. Ambition is what drives us to work hard and achieve our goals and improve. But ambition can be harmful to the people around you. Ambition puts you over your limit and you forget the real value of life. You forget about the people that sacrificed and did you a favor so that you
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