Essay: Jody Had Wished It Would Not Rain Before Thanksgiving

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Short Response to question 5: Sick Jody had wished it would not rain before Thanksgiving, but it did. “During the week of rain, Jody kept the pony in the box stall,out of dampness, except for a little time after school when he took him out for exercise and to drink at the water-trough in the upper corral” (21). Jody says to Billy Buck that he thinks that he is going to keep Gabilan in his stall that day. Billy told him that it will be good for gabilan to get some sunlight and no animal likes to be cooped up for too long (21). “If the rain comes through-” (21). Billy Buck explains that it is unlikely for it to rain that day. Billy Buck promised that if it rained, he would put Gabilan in his stall, away from rain. So when Jody went to school, he…show more content…
During school, he heard pounding on the schoolhouse roof, it was raining hard, all Jody could do, was hope that Billy Buck will keep his promise and let Gabilan in his stall, away from wetness (22). As soon as the dismissal bell rang, Jody sprinted for the door and ran home. Jody arrived, just to see Gabilan standing miserably in the corral, his coat was almost black, drenched with water (22). After Jody had dried the pony as well as he could, he ran up to the house to get some boiling water for grain, Gabilan did not eat much of the grain Jody prepared (22). Just then, Billy Buck walked into the barn and saw Jody standing by the drenched pony. Billy Buck tried to make an excuse for not coming back to put the pony inside, but the excuse was lame (23). Billy Buck was helping Jody take extra care of the pony, he felt bad that he did not keep his promise. The next morning, Jody slept through the triangle, he then threw on his clothes and ran down to the barn and saw Billy Buck in the stall with Gabilan, looking worse than before (24). Jody did not trust Billy Buck because he broke the promise to let Gabilan inside which

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