How To Make A Good Thanksgiving Essay

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Food for Thought Oh, the wonderful aroma of smells that goes through the house on Thanksgiving Day. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’d thought I would help everyone in completing this task and letting you have the perfect Thanksgiving meal for the whole family. It takes a lot of preparation and work to complete this task: There are several things to be done and in order for those things to be done correctly, you should complete these following tasks in order, and I promise you will have a good Thanksgiving dinner that your whole family will love. On that note before you even start cooking there are many steps to take to make it the perfect day and meal. I start by counting how many guest you are going to have. After I counted the guests I then decide on how big of a turkey I am going to need. I usually end up getting the…show more content…
We then plug in the Roaster oven and set the temperature to 400 degrees. Before placing the turkey in the oven roaster I pour a cup of flour into the bottom of the roaster and then pour water on top of the flour, the water should be about an inch deep. I then place the lid on the roaster. In order to see when the turkey is done, I usually get a turkey that has a red thumb that pops up when it finished. After the turkey is put in I start to prepare the rest of the dinner. I usually start with the cheese hash brown casserole. With this recipe, I usually double the size because it the dish that is gone the quickest. You take a large bowl 2 cups of sour cream two cans of creamy chicken soup and hash browns. Put them all in the Tupperware bowl. And Stir, while stirring add teaspoon of salt garlic and onion powder and stir until blended. After you mix the in dread ace this dish should be transferred to cookware that can go in the oven. This dish is usually put in the oven about hour before you ready to serve the

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