Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Decision Making

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It is important to create deep understanding of decisions made regarding security measures within the organization. Managers should establish a formal decision making mechanism that provide opportunity for stuff contribute in this process, where appropriate. Despite the fact that last word remains for executive, management should build bidirectional communications with personnel giving them opportunity to propose recommendations in security procedures. Other ways to involve staff into the security improvement activity include periodic security workshops and exercises, proposing special Improvement Program within organization, encouraging tangible and intangible self-assessment tests, or given the prizes for the best adherence to the rules.…show more content…
This method involves the use of a highly structured meeting, complete with an agenda, and restricts discussion or interpersonal communication during the decision‐making process. This technique is useful because it ensures that every group member has equal input in the decision‐making process. It also avoids some of the pitfalls, such as pressure to conform, group dominance, hostility, and conflict, that can plague a more interactive, spontaneous, unstructured forum such as brainstorming. Delphi technique. With this technique, participants never meet, but a group leader uses written questionnaires to conduct the decision making. No matter what technique is used, group decision making has clear advantages and disadvantages when compared with individual decision making. The following are among the advantages: • Groups provide a broader perspective. • Employees are more likely to be satisfied and to support the final decision. •Opportunities for discussion help to answer questions and reduce uncertainties for the decision makers. These points are among the disadvantages: • This method can be more time‐consuming than one individual making the decision on his own. • The decision reached could be a compromise rather than the optimal solution. • Individuals become guilty of groupthink — the tendency of members of a group to conform to the prevailing opinions of the…show more content…
Analyze the alternatives Managers must identify the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative solution before making a final decision. Evaluating the alternatives can be done in numerous ways. Here are a few possibilities: • Determine the pros and cons of each alternative. • Perform a cost‐benefit analysis for each alternative. • Weight each factor important in the decision, ranking each alternative relative to its ability to meet each factor, and then multiply by a probability factor to provide a final value for each alternative. • Regardless of the method used, a manager needs to evaluate each alternative in terms of its ◦ Feasibility — Can it be done? ◦ Effectiveness — How well does it resolve the problem situation? ◦Consequences — What will be its costs (financial and nonfinancial) to the

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