Persuasive Speech About Technology

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Close your eyes. Now, open. Before your eyelids even stirred, a new technological advancement was made. The whirlpool of technology spins so vigorously before us that it gives us two choices, join the spin or get sucked into oblivion. My dear principal, beloved teachers and staff, invited guests and students, technology is the future of our learning. As we live in an intricate age, going to school to simply memorize facts is futile but rather, learning to understand and apply the concepts learnt is extremely essential. We go to school to help aid fastidiously in changing our world for the better and dear school, technology is change. This web of innovation that we call technology is one of the main things that will aid in pushing this generation forward to becoming one of the greatest that ever lived.…show more content…
As students in such a privileged environment we look around us and sometimes forget how key technology is in our lives and we imagine not, life without it. Dating back to a few years now, computers have completely changed our classic chalkboards to smart boards with interactive projected lessons. Our lessons have become friendlier to all types of learners because, instead of staring at monochrome hieroglyphics, lessons are now much more colourful and interactive, something that has greatly benefited visual learners. For us auditory learners, downloading special lessons that we can listen to later on after class on our iPads, iPods or laptops is not an arduous task. Learners of all kinds now have interactive websites to learn from without being limited to chiefly the classrooms. With just a touch of a finger, you can see the temperature in Indonesia or better still, their economic growth in the last ten years without having to go through fifty books in a

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