The Importance Of Solar Energy

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1) Why is this challenge important to address? Solar energy is significant in our lives and easy to use because sun is an inexhaustible supply. People are now trying to replace the energy sources with solar energy to keep earth clean and to save money. Solar energy is important in many different areas. Plants and animals use solar energy to continue their lives. Most of their cells need solar energy to produce nutrients. The importance of solar energy increased when people understood that they can convert it to convenient energy. Another fact is, solar energy is a clean energy. By increasing usage of natural renewable sources, environmental harmful sources like oil and coal can be decreased. It does not give any harm to the nature and does…show more content…
High-efficient solar panels are still in the main topic, producers are dealing with making the solar cells cost-effective. Electricity generated from fossil or fuel is very expensive. Since the cost of electricity generation from solar energy is lower than fossil fuels, people are bending to use solar energy. Today, ultra thin panel technologies are being developed. Production of transparent solar cells increased. Transparent solar panels are not as effective as the classical ones, however if this transparent solar panels used in the windows of a building that will be…show more content…
Pollution: Most of the photovoltaic panels are produced of silicon and other toxic metals. Pollution in the environment may lead to decrease the quality and efficiency of photovoltaic cells. New creating technologies can damage the worst of these effects. 4. Inefficiency: Most solar panels can benefit 40% of the sunlight and this means 60% of the sunlight is wasted and harnessed. New emerging technologies however have increased the rate of efficiency of solar panels from 40 to 80% and at the same time have increased the cost of solar panels as well. 5. Reliability: Unfortunately other renewable energy sources which can also be used during night, solar panels prove to be useless which means you have to depend on the local utility grid to draw power in the night or you can buy solar batteries to store excess power which you can later utilize in the night. Furthermore, some natural disasters like storm can reduce your ability to use power during these times. 6. Installation Area: For home owners, a solar energy installation might not require wide space as it can be installed on roofs that can produce enough energy but for big companies, a large area is required for the system to be efficient in providing

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