Disadvantages Of Game Theory

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Introduction What is a game? When there are more than one actors making choices, they are playing a game. That's to say, when you play a game, the consequence does not depend merely on your decision but also your rivals’. Usually, players play for fun with low risks, as poker and chess, however, no one can deny that playing games can be very serious. In order to reduce stakes and get better result, game theory appeared which is defined as the science of interactive decision-making. It is practical and useful to many disciplines, including biology, computer sciences, and various social sciences. In particular, game among nations, to do International Relations (IR) could be deadly risky. Referring to IR, which is the studies of relationships…show more content…
In the end, the author draws a conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of game theory as a theory of IR. Game Models To capture the strategic structure of a game, Correa (2001) claims in mathematical aspects: a game tree presents the extensive form while a payoff matrix presents the strategic form of a game. They are commonly used in the analysis of two players games. To multiple actors, the characteristic function form is most frequently encountered. Zero-Sum…show more content…
Two drivers drive against each other, tending to have a car accident. One driver must change direction; otherwise both may die in the collision because that there is only one way to go forward. However, if only one does and the other refuses, the swerved driver loses under the name of a coward, a “chicken”. This model is prevalent in IR. The competition for a common profit contributes to the divergent choices of opponents: either pacification or conflict. No one doubted that chicken is too dangerous to play. As you want to be the winner, you are threated by worst outcome. On the other hand, cooperation is not so easy either, under the menace of being lost, the second-worst outcome. Zagare & Slantchev (2010) agreed that if players dictated rationally, they cannot run in or out any

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