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INFECTIONS These involve food poisoning which is caused by the ingestion of live organisms. The organisms grow in the gastrointestinal tract to produce the disease. Most microbial food poisonings come in this category. For example, salmonelloses caused by Salmonella sp. like Salmonella typhi. In certain other types of food poisoning, as in the case of Clostridium perfringens, live cells need to be ingested for the disease to occur but the organism does not grow and reproduce in the gut. Vegetative cells sporulate after ingestion and enterotoxin is released in turn causing the disease symptoms. Since live cells are needed to be ingested to cause the food poisoning, it can be considered as food-borne infection. Bacteria…show more content…
When a foetus is infected with listeria, it may be born prematurely or die. Pregnancy is considered as a time of joy but also of caution. Everyone has had food poisoning at one time or another, but the healthy adults recover easily from such infections. Pregnancy may be another story; in severe cases, food poisoning during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage or stillbirth. Most pregnant women have heard of recommendations to avoid certain types of food that might cause food poisoning. Here’s a list of basic pointers on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth from food-borne infections. Know which foods to avoid and which foods to include in diet properly. Avoiding foods known to be risky for bacterial contamination goes a long way toward preventing food poisoning (and reducing miscarriage risk). Any cheeses made from "raw" or unpasteurized milk should be avoided. Prepare food with proper care. Everyone, whether pregnant or not, will reduce their risk with food poisoning if they follow simple precautions when preparing food at home. Be careful about which restaurants you visit while pregnant also; even the cleanest looking restaurant could still have a dirty

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