Persuasive Essay On Child Marriage

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There are 39,000 girls around the world each day being forced to marry a man who is much older than her. These young ladies are forced to get married by their own family members. Child marriage happens all around the world, especially, in Niger, Central African Republic, and Chad. Child marriage happens due to tradition, religion or culture. Communities follow this tradition because it has been going on for generations. Parents need to stop child marriage because it goes against a girls rights and freedom. One of the main causes of Child marriage is poverty; several of people live in small villages or towns and have financial problems. Parents force their daughters into marriage thinking their decision will help reduce family expenses. In addition to, parents are relieved when their daughter gets married because to them it…show more content…
Several of girls are not educated on freedom, so in fact they don’t know they have the right to speak up. Several of parents don’t educate their children on their rights so they can marry them off. These girls believe marrying a older man is normal since their parents are the ones giving them that right. The second solution to end child marriage is to educate parents on what can go wrong during marriage.According to exponent, the african, “families often do not know the detrimental effects of early child marriages” (Exponent, the african”). Most parents believe that marriage is a way of keeping their daughter safe. Parents believe the husband will take good care of their daughter and give her everything she needs; however, little do they know marriage is a horrible path towards a girls future. The last solution to end child marriage is to support any organizations that help end child marriage. Several of organizations and shelters help girls by getting them out of their abusive marriage. Organizations provide girls with

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