Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Racism is a topic that can make many people feel uncomfortable. There has been conflict, discrimination, prejudice, and war all based of this social idea of racism. I believe with confidence that we are not born racist. We don’t see people as color, but rather for who they are. Racism comes from society. For generations we have been influenced to believe that they are different from us, and we are better. It is like a sickening diseases that we cannot break out of. The concept of stereotyping fit into racism in many ways. We love to place people into categories. It is what we as human feel comfortable at. But in many cases people branch out from what we believe they should do and be. Everyone is an individual and should deserve to get treated as such. With all the social and political changes that have occurred in recent years we love to believe that the prejudice and discrimination against minorities has stopped. That racism is just a term of the past. Yes, we have had a black president, but racism happens every day. Kids are still getting beat up or bullied for being black. Latinos are still denied jobs because of where they came from. Many people have confessed that they would walk on the opposite side of the street to…show more content…
You cannot just be a bystander because you are just part of the problem. It is 2017, there is no reason for why people should feel unsafe walking down the street by themselves. There is no reason for a Latino or black individual to feel like they are not given the same opportunities of a white individual based off the color of their skin. We all deserve the same opportunities and to be treated as equals, but sometimes I just feel that this is a dream that I would even see in my lifetime. In many ways it feels like as a society and community we are just going back in time, rather than forward. We have to work together to stop this foul acts and become an equal and safe society for

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