The Devil Wears Prada Analysis

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The Devil Wears Prada Andrea Sachs, a 23-year-old woman who wrote the New Yorker long story of the day. After graduating from Brown University in the summer traveling in Europe, while Andre home and looking for work, her friend Lily lives in New York. Andrey Elias Clark, a major magazine publisher received a call and was surprised to find that they have read her resume, and she would like to talk about their own position. Elias Andrea Clark in an interview, that Miranda, the editor of Runway magazine is looking for a new assistant, work, Andrea learned that many times, a million girls are happy to have. Although Andrea is not known, as an assistant is she wants to do her from Emily, Miranda currently assistant found that if someone has done a good job for a year Miranda, Miranda thought they were ready to promote…show more content…
Alex Andre told they may need in addition to time and Andrea do not argue the point. Andrea's family disappointed as well, because they have not seen her for several months. Andre, close to her in the end is not willing to give Miranda a year she spent time working women hellish. In Paris Andre Christian Collinsworth, she met the writer met again in New York. The two spend a night together, even though she had a good time can not help men Andre compare Alex. Andre returned to the hotel one night found two telephone calls, one from Alex, one from the mother. Both Lily informed her in an accident and has been in a coma. Andrea is devastated, but worried that if she left Paris Miranda would fire her. From her father to answer the call, Andrea told her friend Miranda conditions, but to ensure that her boss, she is committed to stay in Paris, to do her job. Andre Miranda've talked about when they might be called back to the US The New Yorker Andre notice, she was very pleased that she has made the right decision, Andrea reminded of her own, when she was young

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