Wilbur Wright Ethical Principles

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Wilbur Wright How many times have you heard someone say: I prefer to fly Delta or American Airlines? Well, thanks to the intrepid Wilbur Wright, today we have at least 70 major airlines all around the world to choose from. ("Major Airlines of the World," n.d, Table 1). This essay will explain how Wilbur Wright became a visionary leader by applying Team Dimensions concepts and adaptability to generate the first-ever plane ride. Then, detail how he used Dr. Toner’s Ethical Principles to overcome the ethical dilemma of having to choose between his profession and his passion. Additionally, it will describe how Wright’s behaviors are relevant to my leadership as I now have a better understanding of building effective teams; and evaluate decisions…show more content…
Toner’s Ethical Principles and Air Force Core Values as described in the Thomas N. Barnes Center (LM01, 2012c, pg. 6). According to Fred Howard the author of Wilbur and Orville A Biography of the Wright Brothers, Wright was running a bicycle shop when he decided to go into the flying business full time (1997.) But before he could do so, he faced an ethical dilemma and had to determine what to do with his bike shop customers. To overcome this issue, Wright applied the Three O’s principles and he realized that he owed it to his customers not to close the shop and abandoned them. With this understanding, Wright made the ethical decision to complete production of any bikes in the shop and he designated a technician to handle any repair jobs. (Howard, 1997, pg. 148) Furthermore, Wright displayed ethical leadership by exercising the Air Force Core Value of Excellence In All We Do. (Howard, 1997, pg. 148) He accomplished this by constantly seeking to improve the mechanics of his flights, and improve the design of the wings. As an ethical leader, Wilbur Wright understood the importance excellence in all his actions; and what he owed to his customers as a businessman. Now that I have explained Wilbur Wright as an ethical leader, I will address how his actions are relevant to me as a…show more content…
With this knowledge, I will be able to assign personnel to perform Manpower tasks that align with their preferred behaviors. Additionally, I will use cognitive flexibility to consider different strategies to execute resource allocation within the command. In retrospect, Wilbur Wright’s use of team building principles impacted me because it demonstrated the importance of knowing my team member’s strengths and weaknesses. It also made me realize that I must become more adaptable and consider different mental frameworks to effectively accomplish the mission. During this research, I have also come to recognize that I have not always made ethically sound decisions because of worry over image. Under pressure, I was more concerned with the impact of the decision on my career rather than being a good resources steward. By learning about Wilbur Wright’s visionary and ethical leadership, I am confident that I can now effectively apply these principles to tackle future ethical dilemmas in my own

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