Essay On The Great Pyramid Of Khufu

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The Great pyramid of Khufu in Egypt; precisely in Giza was constructed by Hemienu -an ancient Egyptian engineer- 4500 years ago to be the long lasting tomb for King Khufu. The secret behind constructing such a momentum was kept unknown for decades; many archeologists have struggled for years trying to answer possibly the most mysterious question in our meantime, which is: how the great pyramid of Khufu was constructed? Jean-Pierre Houdin French architect who was able to create a theory for how the Great pyramid was built. Houdin connected some of the positive and negative assumptions made by previous theories and concluded that; the pyramid was actually built inside out. The construction of the theory and its details made it a possible answer for the question that lasted for decades without an answer. This essay focused on unpacking Houdin theory by developing an answer for the essay question: To what extent Houdin’s theory is Significant to the building of the great pyramid of Khufu’s in Egypt? The essay analyzed the three phases that were mentioned in the theory of building the great pyramid, phase one was the building of the volume of the pyramid using external ramp, this phase took 5 years to be completed. Phase two was the challenge of constructing the Khufu’s chamber. Last phase was the usage of an

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