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The participation in sport practice has increased along with the increase in the number of professional athletes. Sport injury is an important public health problem and a potential outcome of participation (Watters, Brooks, Elton & Little, 1984; Williams, Wright, Currie & Beattie, 1998). This participation in sports puts a high demand on sportsmen. For example: being physically fit (Arnason, Sigurdsson, Gudmundsson, Holme, Engebtetsen & Bahr, 2004), performing complex movements (Dust, Atkinson, & Reilly, 2007), performing adequate decision making (Baker, Horton, Robertson- Wilson, Wall, 2003), and properly coping with stress producing factors (Nicholls & Polman, 2007). The inability to deal with these demands leads to increased injury rates…show more content…
Consequences of sports injury The experience of sports injury can affect different aspects of an individual. Studies show that sport injury not only influence at individual or team/community level but also at community level. With respect to individual consequence, injury has an impact on individuals short and long term career development (Stambulova, 2010). Ekstand (2013) found that there is an approximate loss of € 500,000 for the club in case of one month’s time loss injury of an international elite soccer team player. Psychological factors influencing injury…show more content…
A few of them, maybe because of apprehension of re-injury , lack of motivation , having the weight of performance expectations, not getting relief up to their expectations , may comply poorly altogether. Others, may be powered by the fact of "no pain, no gain”, accomplishing more than what specialist or their mentor have recommended, or over participation in exercises with an end goal to attempt to increase their performance. These activities can harm and postpone full

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