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3. Benefits of online shopping There are also benefits for the consumers from making purchases online, such as to pay lower prices, access to wide variety of goods, easy comparing product specifications and prices, convenience, ability to receive consumer information. Online shopping gives chance to consumers to buy the same product at a lower price, because transaction costs are lower. It gives opportunity to them of better access to cross-border traders and it also makes price lower because of increased competitive pressures. It is worth noting, that consumers can find better deals online than offline, because of access to a large variety of products. It is also important, that they are able to find a product online, that more closely matches their preferences. According to survey made in 2010 in EU, 50% of EU…show more content…
One of the examples of that is subscription traps . Similarly, there are examples of consumers receiving what appears to be personal messages and are asked to enter personal details to find out who sent them. After doing that consumers later found out that they had entered into a contract. Consumers stress, that fraud may also involve the sale of counterfeit goods. Scams that were mentioned above are banned in business-to consumer transactions under the UCPD. (Muller et al., 2011). 2. Propensity to complain Big share of consumers in EU, who had purchased from distance sellers and have had problems complained about that. Thirteen percent of consumers, in total complained, compared to 4% who did not (Muller et al., 2011). According to OFT (2007) related to UK, businesses found that the level of complaints from online transactions was about the same with the number from offline transactions. Seventy eight percent of the businesses, that were able to compare online to offline complaints, said that online complaints were the same or lower than

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