Hammurabi Law Case Study

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So I think Hammurabi law was better than the other laws. It is more seriously. It could threaten the guys who break the laws. Also it fits all the crimes. So basically, people would be afraid of death, so they will not break the law without any reason. In this society, people have inner desire. They keep on wanting, keep on desiring, keep on doing everything to get whatever they want. If the government just let them do like this, the people lived there will have no ability to attack the other country either protect themselves, the whole country will be destroyed by the other empire. The people will be lazy and stupid, they will not be diligence. The Hammurabi law could let people not be lazy. The laws also fits to all the crimes and the results of the bad guys break the laws were very fair and seriously. So the people will obey it and follow the laws. That is why Hammurabi law is better than the others. In this society, some people wanted to steal something like money, pleasures...... But they do not want to be like after…show more content…
His family was quarreling, the audiences were disappointed at him......”. This story showed us that people should stop wanting, stop desiring. If people do not have inner desire, then they will stop bribing. If we use the Hammurabi law in this society, then there will be less people do corruption. The reason is that if the government find out that some officials are doing corruption, the guy who break the laws shall pay a lot of money and they will lose theirs positions. So they will not do corruption too much, or they just don’ t do it anymore. The Hammurabi laws were also very harsh, it actually intimidate the bad guys, and the results of they break the laws were effective to them. Almost all the results that you break the laws are “put to death”, that seriously scare the guys who wanted to break the law. The laws also fit all the crimes, and all the results are fair for the guy who break the law and the victim. If some
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