The Conpects Of Concussions In Sports

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Have you ever thought about how an concussion can change you live? Or how it affects the sports you love to play. Concussions are probably one of the biggest injuries that you can get from doing a sport,you can get a concussion by hitting you head hard against something. Some concussions are miner, but some can impact and change a person's life if not handled correctly. In this essay i’m gonna be talking about how concussions can affect all of those things. The likely rate is different between genders. For boys there more likely to get concussions in Ice Hockey being the most likely, Football being the 2nd most likely and Lacrosse for the 3rd most likely. But for girls the most likely is soccer. Speaking of girls, girls have twice as longer recovering time than boys. Studies show that it might because girls have smaller necks and less strength to absorb the shock of the hit. Girls also have more of glucose metabolism, a process in which the body creates protein. Girls also have more hormones witch play a major role in it making it a longer recovery time.…show more content…
So from my previous paragraph you probably see how concussions can affect a person. Because of these accidents they had to make some of their products safer for the player that's using them. In fact there was a lawsuit on Sept. 5th held by The National Football League saying that the helmets they were providing did not have enough protection on their helmets. You also might be thinking why people are playing sports that might give them a serious brain injury. That affects sports too. Parents might be telling their kids that they can't play a sport because of the chance of them having an injury like that. With in 10 to 20 years football might not be as popular as it once was now due to people not wanting to play cause of people getting

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