Nfl Organizational Communication Analysis

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The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports in the Unites States; the NFL is also a multi- billion dollar industry and more importantly the NFL is also known for being a very physical sport, so much so that football plays encounter mass head trauma which some players have to live with for the rest of their life. This essay will be exploring in detail all of the above and more, a brief history on the NFL, the organization’s leadership approaches, and what we have learned about the NFL’s organization’s management communication/decision-making as well as describing the hierarchy of this large organization. This essay will also discuss how the NFL intertwines with Strategic Organizational Communication theories and how…show more content…
This complexity of communication has to be controlled by my guidelines. For example in the NFL there is a chain of command (Virgiania Peck Richmond, 2009). The head person of the NFL is Roger Goodell; he is the CEO/Commissioner of the National Football League. Under the Commissioner is his own staff/organization. Under the Commissioners team are the individual or individuals that own each individual team, and under the owners your have the general managers, head coaches, assistant coaches, sports doctors, sports physical therapist, and last the individual office staff for each team. You can say all of these people that hold a position with in the NFL are specialized (specialization) to work in their field in the NFL (Virgiania Peck Richmond, 2009)With all of these organizations and people within the NFL a chain of command must be set in place to make sure the NFL as a whole runs like a well-oiled engine. This is where hierarchical and centralized decision making comes in to play (Virgiania Peck Richmond, 2009)The CEO and owners of all 32 teams are the hierarchy of the NFL. These same people make centralized discussions making for the staff and teams. Rules are set to make sure no one person goes over their boss’s or coaches head. This allows good or bad situations to be handled by the right person. Sometimes this rule works and other times it does not. This might have…show more content…
For example making rules on the field to insure no tackling done about the neck or to a football plays head, “The reworded rules prohibit a player from launching himself off the ground and using his helmet to strike a player in a defenseless posture in the head or neck ( Wire Reports , 2008).” The NFL has also utilized new technology by using the research of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH) to understand brain injuries better and the long term affects (Virgiania Peck Richmond, 2009). “The National Institutes of Health has selected eight projects to receive support to answer some of the most fundamental problems on traumatic brain injury, including understanding long-term effects of repeated head injuries and improving diagnosis of concussions (The National Institutes of Health , 2013).” All of this new found knowledge has come to light due to the use of full-discloser and using some the methods of motivation in network organizations (Virgiania Peck Richmond,

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