Problems That Affect My Ability

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If someone wants to develop something, they have to figure out what is the cause that has an effect on that thing. As same as me, I want to develop and improve my English expertise so I have to figure out the problems that affect my abilities. I have found that the two main causes have affect my developing performance which are the environment and my background and personality so I have to overcome all of them. Firstly, according to the Thai culture, the previous generation of Thai people do not aware of the second language as much as it has to be. The reason is we are nationalism and attach on our language. We accept other political concepts to govern but we do not accept the language cultural so the opportunities to study the second language is absurd. In addition, my family is Thai-Chinese so an opportunity of speaking English is not important for us because normally we use Thai. Also, my friends are always communicating in Thai so I don’t have enough chance to develop my English skill.…show more content…
The point is if there is no effort and no belief in the learner, no ways can help improving at all. Cause the learner is the only one who knows themselves. Therefore, the most important cause that affects everything is oneself. The first causes that come from myself that affect my ability is my background. Since I was a child, I was studying in bilingual program school but normally the subject mostly teaches by Thai teacher which does not communicate much in English. In second language subject, I was taught by the foreigner but the number of the class in each week is only 2-3 times. It is not enough to gain the knowledge and practice any conversation. At that time, I’m not concern about any important of the second language so I study to let it pass. That is the big mistake of my
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