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Rodeo riding is a competitive sport which consists of various different events, bull riding, calf and steer roping, team roping, steer wrestling, bulldogging, bareback and saddle bronc riding. All though many consider this an entertaining and fun sport there are many reported cases of poor animal health and wellbeing Throughout this essay the fowling topics will be further researched, the dangers involved in the rodeo, what animals are involved, what are rodeo spurs really like, the flank strap and whether or not the animal’s life is being threatened, awareness as well as the event itself and should it be put to an end. This research will give me the ability to answer my topic question with confidence. The animals involved face many dangers due to the environment and the situation that they are placed in. The animals have very high stress levels due to the fact they are in confined spaces twenty four seven. The animal is put into this confined space normally a 4 x 8 cage which they are pushed into with about fifteen to twenty animals in there at a time.There are various reports of maltreatment and abuse by the carers. When these events take place more than 75% of the animals come with injuries such as broken legs, fractures, and muscle tears, as well as long term arthritis. There are…show more content…
The little calf then has to run out of the chute as fast as it could just to try and get away from the torment that was about to come. The calf is roped so brutally that the calf is flying in the air before smashing its little body into the ground. This process can very possible break the calf's neck, back or legs. After the calf has hit the ground, the rodeo rider jumps off his horse and runs to the calf, picks it up and body slams the little calf again, knocking the wind out of it so he can tie the calf’s legs together. This event can lead to the baby calf having serious injuries and most likely

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