Mckinnon: Is Rugby A Safe Sport?

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After Newcastle forward Alex McKinnon’s neck was broken in a lifting tackle in March, some commentators and parents have questioned whether rugby is just too dangerous for children, amateurs – and even professionals – to safely play. So, was McKinnon’s injury a freak accident, or is it a reasonable risk of the game? Rugby is a high impact sport and considered to be dangerous to anyone who hasn’t played and even to the more experienced players. In this essay I will be analysing the safety of the sport, the pros/how good it is and conclude whether or not it is a safe sport in general. Since rugby’s official origin in 1871, much has changed, the game has become safer and more professional organized, from men just running into each other and…show more content…
One fan, when asked, had this to say: “Let’s see, a bunch of REAL men running around tackling people, occasionally getting into fights and overall having a good time. It’s a sport that men play no equipment just man vs. man. The team work, the sense of accomplishment. To sum it up, it’s a real man’s sport unlike no contact sports like soccer and basketball were a bunch of sissy's cry about getting kicked or slapped, it takes a real man who's tough, athletic , determined and willing to take one for the team to play rugby. That's why rugby is the greatest sport ever. In conclusion, while rugby will never be considered a safe sport, nor should it be, experts and professionals are working together to make it a safer sport. With players getting bigger, faster and strong, risk injury will always be a present factor. I conclude that even with the benefits of the sport. It is not a safe sport. Yet, people play is for the love of the game, despite the health risk, people make friends and teams bond together. The thrill of victory is one that cannot be shared outside of the rugby pitch. Dieterr

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