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The Effects of Psychological Skills in Sports Injury Rehabilitation In this century, many have been participating in sports to compete and to promote good health. In the world of sports, however, having an injury is inevitable. Epidemiologically-based evidences show that a considerable amount of athletes have been injured each year resulting into physical disabilities. This repercussion then puts the athlete in a difficult situation. To aid in the ongoing rise of sports injuries, more techniques have been added to the treatment of sports injury. Likewise, the experts in sports medicine and sports psychology present new techniques with regard to the healing process of sports injuries. In the past years, the use of psychological interventions…show more content…
The first part talks about the types of sports injuries. Following that, the second part mentions the causes of sports injury. Lastly, the third part argues about the positive psychological effects of sports injury and how physical rehabilitation aids in the healing process. Moving on, sports injuries can make or break an athlete. In the world of sports, the variety of sports injury can be as simple as a strain or as bad as an open fracture. According to Myers Sports Medicine & Orthopoedic Center (2016), the five (5) most common sports injuries are strains and sprains, knee injuries, shin splints, fractures and dislocations. Parallel to this, Adirim & Cheng (2003) also said that the ankle and knee, followed by the hand, wrist, elbow, shin and calf, head, neck and clavicle are the most commonly injured areas of the body. For the completion of this research, fifty (50) random college athletes of different sports in Silliman University were asked to participate in a survey about sports injury rehabilitation. The results yielded 39 injured athletes. And out of the 39 injured athletes, 44% had knee injuries. In addition, 21% had leg injuries, 15% had wrist injuries, and both arm and shoulder injuries fall at

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