Visual Analysis Of Sports Injury

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The collection of pictures that is shown is trying to get the viewers to understand the levels of agony an athlete may be faced with during an injury. With the pictures I have assembled, my intentions are to shift attention toward a sports theme. The viewer should be able to progress through the collection of pictures and eventually be able to associate the last picture with the pain endured during a sports injury. My reason my writing this essay is to connect the group of pictures with the mental and physical pain endured during a sports injury. The first picture I picked is a picture of a young man playing football. The viewer can tell he is very athletic and looks to be a position player. He is very into the game, and I bet the last thing on his mind is an injury. The fourth picture shows an offensive linemen getting up from an injury that he sustained during play. This picture ties in with the fore mentioned picture because it shows an injured football player. The last picture I have shows a person in some sort of agony or pain. These pictures…show more content…
Most of the viewers were very close in their guesses, but none of them got the theme I had hoped they would get. One viewer, Aubrey Tackitt, stated that he thought the theme was, “injuries in sports and the affect it has on people.” Then another viewer, Torie Patton, said that she thought the pictures were trying to show the “the amount of pressure that is put on athletes.” These were the closest to the point I was trying to establish. JaQuante’ Grimes, stated that he thought the overall theme was to “[give] it your all.” This was nowhere near what I was trying to get across, but I can see where he got this theme. The pictures showed players giving it their all through my pictures, so I can see where he drew this conclusion from. No one exactly got the point I was attempting to show in that athletes go through a lot of mental and physical

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