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Civil Engineer/Dental Hygienist The performance of engineering has intrigued me from the start with the application of mathematics, practical knowledge in order to innovate, design, construction, build, and maintain. Civil engineering has pulled me to a greater passion. After countless hours studying on how to become a civil engineer and learn what exactly they do has expanded my horizons and thoughts, knowing there is a job created that I will enjoy doing for my entire life. Being able to operate on infrastructures, creating like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Has been my understanding that what I want to do in life is to become a civil engineer while protecting the public and environmental health, as well as improving…show more content…
For me college would yet again be about $108,000 after 4 years of college. In some cases dental hygienist only need an associate's degree. Having my cost of schooling only be around $54,000. The thing is having a lower degree sometimes means lower pay or less likely landing the job at a dentist office. Even though a Dental hygienist could only need an associate's degree still does not mean it’s easy. They have to take classes like pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, biology, microbiology, chemistry, medical terminology, English writing, math, public speaking, with some humanities, philosophy and psychology. Meaning about the same courses of other healthcare professionals, like nurses stated by “Vavrosky, R. K.” As you can see Dental Hygienist are hard to come by with a expected growth rate of 20% in 2026 stating by But with hard working people out in America will see this expected job percentage increase and jump on the opportunity in having a well rounded and successful career. Dental hygienist affects the economic spectrum because they help provide for the common good. They help lower stress by caring to people's teeth, lower the chances of certain kinds of diseases, and even help widen the medical field for improvement world

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