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Objective More than 5 million people do not have a place to live in, they are the same people who once had a peaceful life and had a home to live in. One day, they had to leave their homes and flee in order to not get killed because of war that started in their country. People refer to them as refugees. In this report the following things will be covered: The problem that they are facing, how they suffered fro the past years, the camps they live in, how some countries and charities helped them, what do they need and how people can help them. Introduction For the past years, refugees have been suffering from wars. They were unsafe, their houses got destroyed and the only choice they had is to flee to a safe country. People in refugee…show more content…
Refugees in Nigeria protested for not having enough food but the government did not pay much attention to it which caused an increase in the number of deaths. More than 1,200 people have died of starvation and illness at an aid camp in north-east Nigeria according to the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (The guardian,2016). Most of the displaced children do not go to school, this will have a negative impact on the world. Another problem refugees face is the abduction of children. Children are getting kidnapped and used as slaves. The people who manage to escape from war, they had to face another obstacle which is getting into a protected country. It is hard for people to leave everything behind them and start from zero in new country. Most of the people who ran away from their countries went to Europe seeking peace but getting to Europe was the hardest thing they have found. They had to go to turkey and find smugglers that will take them to Europe illegally. In order to reach Europe, they had to take lifeboats and about 50 people had to sit in the same boat. Many of them died while trying to reach Europe using boats (see appendix1). For the people who reached Europe, they have found other issues facing them there. They had to learn a new

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