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Over the years, smartphones have been more connected to our lives than ever before. Smartphone addiction has swept the nation and is becoming a growing issue for all generations. Being addicted to smartphones can lead to mental risks, social media addiction and problems in real world situations; be that as it may there are some possibilities to help fix this problem. Addiction to smartphones causes the brain to change in ways that are harmful to a person's way of life. This starts with the amount of time spent on a phone, some research has said that if two or more hours is spent on social networking sites younger people are more likely to report poor mental health (Galer). The more time teens spend on their phones, the worse their mental health…show more content…
To start people, need to accept the problem and think about doing “unto others — and maybe do it without clutching your smartphone” (Popescu). We need to take a moment and look up from our phones to notice the people around us. Find moments to set the phone down and take in a breath of fresh air. One way to lower the use in the beginning, Larry Rosen, a psychology professor, has said that the best thing to do is to wean off of the devices slowly bit by bit (Steinmetz). Being able to put your phone down is key to beginning this revolution. People need to take time to step away and not to focus on their phones. Even if only for a limited amount of time, “wean yourself to 15 minute intervals at set times of the day when it won't affect work or family life” (LaMotte). Spend time with family, and friends, enjoy things in the moment. Time flies and our phones take up most of it, so make time for those who really matter. If the addiction is extreme, an Austrian designer makes a series of five substitute phones that have rows of marble beads that simulate swiping and tapping on actual smartphones (Cakebread). These phones were made to assist those who were truly addicted to their phones. These are the most extreme solution for those who are unquestionably on their phones too much. There can be so many things done to help slow down this increasing

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