Smartphone Addiction Essay

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With the new development in the calling devices, people started to spend more time on their phones. Recently the smartphones are taking a huge part of the people lives. This created a new type of addictions, which is the addiction to the smartphones. This addiction is all about spending most of the time in the day using the phone, without having control on that. The addiction of the smartphones is similar to other types of addictions such as the addiction to smoking and the addiction of coffee, however; it is different somehow. There are infinitely many causes behind the smartphones addiction, and that addiction has infinite causes on the humans. One reason for smartphones addiction is that applications update constantly.The…show more content…
These small light devices offer the opportunity of communication between the people. Based on that, the people started to use the social media programs such as the Twitter, Instagram and snap chat to share their lives with others and to know what the celebrities or their relatives and friends are doing. Additionally, some people do not know how to spend their time efficiently. As an illustration, nowadays many social media celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are sharing their daily routine or talking about topics on the snap chat and humans love to see what others are doing because this is a normal behavior. Based on that, people have become more addicted to these devices without…show more content…
Recently, People communicate using the phones at the same time they suppose to communicate with the people who are in front of them. From my experience, when I meet with my friends I realized that we spend most of the time on the phone instead of having a conversion. How to stop that because this is creating a social disconnection? Besides, it also causes the smartphone addicted to becoming a multitasker, and that is harmful. For instance, some people are using these developed phones while driving and that may cause an accident, so it is

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