Essay About Smartphones

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INTRODUCTION Smartphones are mobile personal computers, typically pocket-sized mobile, with so many features useful for handheld or mobile use. Smartphones come with the ability to make and receive both voice and video calls and can create text messages as well as receiving the text messages too. However, the smartphones are built with personal assistants, for examples: (Siri on iPhone phones, Cortana on Windows Mobile etc), a calendar events, different media players, different video games, a digital camera which you can use for taking pictures or digital video recording, and a navigational system, better known as global positioning system (GPS). Smartphones typically come with a color display screen with a good graphic user interface, and…show more content…
And there is also an app that organizes prayer time and it teaches the w revert to Muslim how to make ablution and how to perform prayer. And also there are several applications that teach you Qur'an, for example, Muslim Pro app, the specified app is recognized by millions of Muslims, it features include the full Qur'an with Arabic script, with translation, and audio recitation from different scholars, and also Islamic calendar. Additionally, from an educational perspective, we can use smartphones to organize an e-library, we can also use it consequently to access or download lectures from different scholars on YouTube at any time. However, there are also some apps that are built for solely educational purposes in order to have access to several virtual classes such as Coursera, and much more similar apps. CONCLUSION This study has explained the meaning and importance of smartphones in both western society and Muslims society respectively, as well as highlighted some of the impacts that smartphone have had in our society
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