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When I think of the word ballet dancer, I think of Russia. The first source I am using is my ballet teacher from my youth. As a child, I participated in dance lessons and my teacher, Miss Julia, was from Russia and had formerly danced and taught at a Russian ballet school in St. Petersburg, Russia. I remember her accent clearly and that comes to my mind when I think of the word. My second source is the color pink. The color pink reminds me of ballet simply because we wore pink ballet shoes, pink outfits, etc. Also, ballet dancers or ballerinas seem to often be portrayed in pink as well. I have good memories of ballet class when I think of the word ballet dancer because I enjoyed Miss Julia’s teaching and I love the color pink so being able to be surrounded in it then was amazing. When I think of the word feminist I think of equality. My first source for my attribution of feminism to equality is media. My mother is not politically involved at all and never votes or protests or anything similar. But, because of media, specifically social media, I found everything I needed to educate myself on the feminist theory. I had access to articles, journals, podcasts, videos, you name it once I joined certain social media platforms. Because of the use of…show more content…
My first source for this association is personal experience. As a child I met police officers at events and was always in awe of their toughness and seeing them at carnivals, footballs games, malls, etc. made me feel like I was safer and had some sort of protection. Also, a while back my dog was killed in a coyote attack and the police officer on scene was very helpful and kind and comforting. For my second source, I am using media, specifically television and movies. I am using the shows Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds. I am using these because the officers and detectives are portrayed so heroic. I have a good association with the term police

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