Business Communication Essay: What Is A Smartphone?

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What is a Smartphone? Technologies are part of our life as they make our life more convenient. Moblie phones have really changed a lot from cell phones to smartphones. A smartphone is a communication tool. However, the smartphone is not just limited to communication purposes today. A smartphone is a mobile phone which has an advanced mobile operating system(OS) that contains the characteristics of a personal computer(PC) operating system. The smartphones are much the same as cell phones. For examples, they are pocket-sized and have the ability to receive and make phone calls. However, their color touchscreen graphical user interface had been covered 70% or more of the front surface with LCD, OLED, AMOLED, LED. It is not a problem to run basic software programs and access the internet like a computer by using a smartphone. The smartphones can allow thousands of third party software components or smartphone apps such as personal-use programs, games and business-use programs to run. The term ‘smartphone’ refers to a multi-functional mobile phone handset that pack in everything from a…show more content…
Smartphones have the ability to send and receive calls and messages across the world. However, smartphones are more advanced than cell phones that can help in business. There is no longer just to listen voice and read text only. Smartphones can allow us to face-to-face video communications with anyone around the world with just a few taps of our fingers. This may help the entrepreneurs or employees when they are on a business trip and away from the headquarters or they have business meetings with other companies from other countries. Group chat is one of the channels too. This can allow the superior to know well about what is going on throughout the works among the staffs and how are the performances of the staffs. Email is another essential channel to look for in a smartphone

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