Essay On Liking Is For Cowards

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People all around the word are spending more time on social Medias and less time in the real word. The question is, do modern technology really harm us? Moreover, are we losing a lot of important material when we decide to hide us behind our screens and use a mouse as our representative? These are some of the central and important questions that arise from reading Jonathan Franzen’s essay ‘’ Liking is for Cowards. Go for what hurts’’ from 2011. The author is a 51-years-old man who puts our daily internet habits into perspective and makes us think critically about what happens to us while we are online. Jonathan Franzen start to hits around the bush for a while before he present the real message. He starts out involving a personal involvement of receiving a new smartphone and use this as a starting point for expression his worries. The author is also aware of the risk of maybe scare off the young readers, who have…show more content…
One thing is clear in this essay, which is ‘’the creation of liking is a lie’’ it’s a world of lying, the modern generation are too busy creating a new side of themselves, for the reason that they fear the absence of acknowledgment from others. If the person lower his or her guard in the modern world, even a little, letting the real life knowledges come to the person, he or she might end up with a good result. Most of all it is about love, because love is not what we do or see through our smartphones or on the internet. One the internet everything is a frisk-free. Liking something is far from the same as loving someone or something. When the individual try to put him or herself out there, in the real word, they start to take a great risk of being hurt badly. On the other side, if the individual refrain from doing so, then they are not living at all. This essay shout to a generation, that should be remind that not everything can be found

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