Essay On River Pollution

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River Symposium Conference Facilitated by the International River Foundation, the International River Symposium was first held in Brisbane in 1998 and gives a stage for supervisors, strategy designers, researchers, specialists, NGOs and group associations to share learning and imaginative thoughts on all parts of waterway and water administration. By encouraging associations between key players, the International River symposium commends the ecological, financial and social estimation of streams over the globe. The symposium gives a universal gathering to looking at best practice in the waterway and watershed administration. Throughout the years, the International Riversymposium has facilitated a huge number of agents from everywhere throughout…show more content…
There are various reasons for the increasing river pollution. There has been enormous technological and industrial development since more than half a century in India. Although this has provided a boost to the country’s economy, there have been a lot of downsides to it too. With the development of industries, the depletion and pollution of natural resources have also come up. Industrial waste effluents are discharged into rivers, polluting them and rendering the water unsafe for consumption. Along with this, untreated sewage and domestic waste are other reasons behind river pollution. River pollution is a problem bigger than what we realize. Water is an essential natural resource, one without which life cannot even be imagined to exist on the planet. In India, all the major river basins- Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Godavari, etc are all highly polluted. That is why this issue has been taken up by the government as a priority. River rejuvenation is the process of retrieving rivers from the polluted state. There have been several acts to regulate river
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