Analysis: A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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Research Essay “We forge the chains we wear in life”, This is a quote from the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This quote means the decisions you make in life are yours and if you want to live in a good life you have to be a good person and make better decisions . Charles Dickens was one of the best authors from the Victorian era, and the Victorian era was one of the most important eras from Britain’s history. It was also known for it’s great amount of poverty, and the pollution that came out of the factories. Charles Dickens was a famous author and a spectacular social activist from the Victorian era, would love the concept of providing clean water although would abhor the topic of poverty in developing countries. Now these days…show more content…
There were many factories and mills near water bodies, so people dumped their waste into the water. “Natural water sources suffer no less from industrial pollution,” (Nardo 42). The industrial revolution was another cause of water pollution “National Weather Service suffer no less from industrial factories,” (Nardo 47). This pollution caused a deadly disease called ‘black death.’ It killed many poor people and caused huge decrease in London. Not only black death it also caused cholera and tuberculosis “Cholera- caused by human waste in drinking water,” (“Victorian age” 1). Tuberculosis is still alive and killed a lot of people since…show more content…
Governments all around the world are trying to change these problems. There are some small countries that have a lot financial problems such as collecting taxes. Because of taxes Indian government can't provide clean water to everyone. “India’s huge and growing population is putting a severe stain on all of the country’s natural resources,” (“” 1). People think it’s really hard to get clean water and that it is hard to get clean water in this environment. All three natural environments, water, air and land are polluted. This scenario was also shown in the Victorian era although people didn’t care about the pollution. “Most water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff,” (“” 1) Hundreds of thousands of people travel more than 10 miles every day to get water. More than eight thousand four hundred people die everyday because of water and air related diseases. “Diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water sanitation and hygiene kills an estimated 84,000 people every year globally or approximately per day,” (“11 facts about water in developing world”

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