Egypt Symbolism

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The word civilization derives from the Latin word ‘civils’. In the 18th century this word was used to distinguish the behavior of the people. It is characterized by social stratification, urban development and symbolic communication forms. In recent years the definition of this term has changed, it commonly refers to human societies with technological development and high level of societies. Today every person has a different understanding of civilization. Childe a scientist believed that civilization could only be distinguished by comparing to other forms of society by their types of livelihood, literacy system, technology and economic systems. Egypt is located in the North of Africa, on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The word Egypt is taken…show more content…
The Egyptian art have gained a high position in paintings, sculptures and monuments; they were all highly symbolic and important to Egyptians. Symbolism had an important role in producing a sense of order to its believers. Animals were considered as highly symbolic in to the people. Use of Colors was seen as more expressive and so for women yellow skin was used. Whereas blue and gold were used to signify the divine to show its unnatural appearance associated with precious materials. Black color expressed royal figures and fertility of Nile from which Egypt was…show more content…
Linguistics suggest that verbs are harder to drop and harder to borrow. Egyptian Literature Egyptians told stories to convey a specific message. Story telling in Egypt was an old tradition followed by its people. The earliest written story belongs to Middle Kingdom; the stories were collected in the classical language of Egypt. Most of their literary traditions were in oral or spoken form, and no communication was based on written form. One of the oldest stories of their time was the story of Sinuhe. The story was conserved in two dozen ostraca and six papyri. After many years Sinuhe faced sickness and wrote a letter to the king Sensuert ,begged him for forgiveness. Personal memoirs were considered as one of the oldest form of Egyptian literature. In the late 18th century the book ‘The destruction of Mankind’ was written; it was based on the example of mythological stories in the literature of Egypt. The tale refers to how the sun god, Re faced a rebellion of the mankind. Egyptian literature also provides us with examples of fairy tales like the ‘Tale of two brothers’, and the story of Setne Khamwas.

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