Importance Of Water Essay

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Water Introduction In this essay the topic of water will be presented in the form of a five-page report. This will be separated into 3 sections; discussion, analysis and conclusion in reference to the different aspects of the questions imposed, which include; what is water? , when do we need it? , and why is it important? In the discussion part of this paper I will introduce the category by giving a brief explanation of what water is and the various purposes it serves in our day-to-day lives. In the analysis part of this paper one two topics will be chosen from the questions and elaborated on. The subject matters will be why is water important and the struggles we face with water today such as pollution and excessive consumption of water. After the topics have all…show more content…
In simpler terms this liquid substance is more than two thirds of our body weight. Our cells and organs depend on water for their functioning; it also helps our body execute metabolic engagements and allows us to regulate body temperature. Humans need to remain hydrated constantly to be able to perform at their best. If a drop in our body’s water supply does occur we become dehydrated; which is when a person loses a significant amount of water in their body or does not have the necessary amount for the body to function properly. Many trigger signs may show this such as; short term memory, troubles with one’s eyesight or difficulty concentrating. There are many purposes that water serves in our body, one of these is its role as a lubricant for our digestive system. Water allows to lubricate our joints so that they are able to move easier therefore if we are dehydrated we are more prone to back pain, injuries and even
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