Apple's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Summarise the way in which Apple exercises corporate social responsibility and the ways in which it should/could improve. Corporate social responsibility can be said as a company’s wisdom of liability towards the society and the environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world that develops designs and sells consumer electronics, online services, computer software and personal computers. Apple has revolutionized virtually. The essay will review how socially responsible Apple is towards the society and the environment. Moreover, it will include the positive impacts and the negative impacts which will further be discussed how they should/could be improved. Firstly, Apple ensures…show more content…
Apple also sources from various Asian countries – mainly China. The major benefit of souring to Asia is a source of certain problems. As Asian manufacturing plants make every effort to reduce their costs of production, they sometimes appoint in unethical practices in business. Asian manufacturing plants are flagrant for exploiting their workers. Workers usually work for long hours but are paid very less. When it comes to workers' wages and working conditions, Apple makes use of its main market position (buying power) to obtain these services at the lowest possible price, thus keeping the largest share of the profit for itself and yielding the lowest probable share to the workers. In the past half-decade 17 workers have killed themselves because they worked so hard yet got paid so little that it became hard for them to support their families. Apple's uncommunicativeness was deeply criticized in May, when at least 62 workers fell sick after breathing in n-hexane which is used to clean touch screens at a Wintek electronics factory in Suzhou. In order to improve their flaws, Apple should build a more environmentally friendly effort, should look after the safety measures carefully, should increase the workers wage rate and should have a better relationship with their employees. In conclusion Apple, now is aiming to be greener. After all the incidents, Apple looked forward to highly efficient ethical and corporate social responsibilities. The policies help in rising the image and reputation of the company. Although, Apple should mainly focus on the better, greener environment and the employee’s safety and security along with the higher wage rate in order to gain the 100% confidence of the community and prove that it can uphold the corporate social responsibilities, for a longer
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