Comparing Indus Valley And The Shang And Zhou Civilization

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Alfred North Whitehead once said, “Civilizations can only be understood by those who are civilized.” This basically means to me that mankind probably will not figure out every detail about history’s civilizations, but we can always come to a conclusion that there were civilizations before our time. Even if we gather up as much artifacts, dead bodies, or any other type of evidence we still will not gain the true knowledge of the ancient times before ours, but it is still fascinating to know the history of things we could be reliving in our developed time. My focus in this essay is on the Indus Valley and the Shang and Zhou civilizations. These two prehistoric civilizations have several similarities and differences on how their government, social…show more content…
However, from what has been gathered by archaeologist, their civilization was well-organized and planned out. The cities in the valley were properly designed and arrange, where the homes were made out of clay bricks. Also, the valley had indoor plumbing, which are things like toilets, showers, sinks, and other bathroom situated necessities. This is something you would not have heard about within the other ancient civilization B.C.E. The Indus River Valley had to have had some very good rulers, because their environment set up seemed pretty decent and well-ordered. However, the archaeologist started to notice that there came some destruction to their civilization. Things like earthquakes, deforestation which caused pollution, and a volcanic eruption, seemed to have damaged the civilization. On top of this situation, the Indus Valley was soon invaded and taken over by the Aryans, which the Aryans took in some ideas from the Indus River Valley civilization. This caused the Indus River Valley to finally disappear and become abandoned, which became the fall and end of their

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